OpenCart Migration & Remote Upgrade Tool Manual


The next phases are doneas a remote update:

-Adding new tables to the database

-Adding new columns

-Inserting required new data

-Adding new settings

-Deleting obsolete settings

-Deleting obsolete columns

-Deleting obsolete tables

 Fullversion addfeatures:

- Fetches a new Opencart version zip package from network

- Unzip files from the zip-packet to the shop server

- To the version 2.x there are preinstalled the scripts to repair bugs of Ocmod files

- Removes the expired vqmod files changin these names (rename)

- Cleans vqmod cache

- Renames some directories which includes old settings (forexample admin/controller/module)

Directlocation updates:

-Relocating modules to new tables (if updating eg. from Oc 1.5.x. to version 2.x or newer)

-Converting modules to different format (from versions 1.4.7 and 1.5.0)

-Converting modules, settings and Admin user group to use JSON format(when updating to version 2.1)

- Updating Config-php


- Upload all files to your e-commerce site

- Requirements:

    VQMOD must have been installed (recommed atleast VQMod 2.5, this version files is in zip-package)

    PHP Curl-library and API Extensiosn must have been used!

XML files:

Upload xml files from folder vqmod-ocmod for your Openacart store ( if you are Oc 2.x, you can use Ocmod file from Admin)

Directory and file access permissions:

If you want to use the fullversion,in the server there must be the permission in all directories 755 or 757.

If there must use higher permissions in the server forexampele in the directory system/logs, change permission :

- For config.php file permission 666

Ifyou're upgrading to version 2.1 or later, use permission 775 or 777(check your e-commerce site directory permissions) for nextdirectories:

- system/storage/logs

- system/storage/download

- system/storage/cache

- system/storage/modification

- system/storage/upload

Using the software:

1. Grant the program accessrights on the admin page (example from version 1.4.8)


 2. Admin menu inversions 1.4.x-1.5:

 3. Before upgrade:

  • You change store to maintenance.
  • You change all 3 partys modules to "Disabled".
  • You change all 3 partys payment gateways to "Disabled".
  • You change all 3 partys shipping methods to "Disabled".
  • You change theme to "Default".
  • If you is not use fullversion, remove files from folder vqmod/vqcache and remove 3 parties vqmod files

4. Admin menu in version2.x:

5. Update homepage inversions 1.4.x-1.5:

6. Update homepage inversion 2.x:

7. Upgrading. Depending of server, this can take from half a minute up to a few minutes.

8. Successful update:

9. Important! If uyou cannot use the fullversion, upload the files of the new version to the server only after the update!

10. When using the fullversion,you do not need to transfer files with FTB-program,because the fullversion unzip the new OC version

11. When you upgrade to version or newer: If you is not use fullversion, you remember delete or rename this folders: 
  • catalog/model/payment
  • catalog/model/shipping
  • catalog/model/total
  • catalog/controller/payment
  • catalog/controller/shipping

  • Error notifications:

    When updating to version2.1.0.1:

    Admin page:


    Admin page and frontpage:

    Unserialize error in file index.php


    Both errors are caused by database data that has been converted to JSON format. Errors are fixed by upgrading Opencart to version 2.1.x.

    If you use fullversion and you are updating from version 1.4.x or 1.5.x to version 2.x and click after updating link
    "Dashboard",you can get the samekind of mistake,because the version 2.x does not include at the admin side route common /home.

    Notification: You do not get any error messages if you can use the fullversion!